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1_Areas of professional development of a pharmacist 1_Biological Essentials of healthy longevity 1_Cell biology 1_Essentials of Aerobiology and prophylaxis of seasonal diseases 1_Fundamentals of evolutionary biology 1_Fundamentals of genomics 1_Fundamentals of legislative regulation of the pharmaceutical industry 1_Genetics of human behavior 1_Pharmaceutical information: sources and their reliability 1_Pharmaceutical terminology and basics of pharmaceutical calculations 2_Anthropogenetics 2_Applied genetics 2_Applied Mycology 2_Cultivation of the medicinal plants 2_Medicinal Plants and fungi that are cultivated 2_Medicinal plants in Pharmacy 2_Modern methods of research of biological systems 2_Modern problems of Molecular Biology 2_Pharmaceutical and technological aspects of drug development and registration 2_Theoretical bases of pharmacy compounding 3_Drug resistance: mechanisms, prevention, ways to overcome 3_Excipients in pharmaceutical and cosmetic technology 3_Fundamentals of research in pharmacy 3_Homeopathic medicines: pharmaceutical and technological aspects 3_Methodology of scientific research in pharmacy 3_Pharmaceutical aspects of drug addiction аnd psychoactive substance abuse 3_Pharmaceutical Representative 3_Recreational (off-label) use of medicines, substanses of plant origin and synthetic chemicals 4_Antidotes in modern medicine and pharmacy: mechanisms of action, use, consequences of therapy 4_Biopharmaceutical aspects of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine 4_Communication skills in professinal pharmaceutical activity 4_Modern programs for providing the population with medicines 4_Own business. Pharmacy 4_Packaging technology of medicine in the pharmaceutical industry 4_Perfumes and cosmetics 4_Personalized pharmacy and cosmetology 4_Pharmaceutical and technological aspects of biologically active additives 4_Pharmaceutical logistics: the way of the drug from producer to consumer 4_Pharmacological safety and pharmaceutical care of the drugs 4_Techniques of communication work of the head of the pharmaceutical enterprise 5_Analysis of economic activity of pharmaceutical enterprises 5_Aromology in cosmetology and aromatherapy 5_Aspects of health technology assessment 5_General cosmetology 5_Medicinal cosmetics 5_State regulation and control in pharmacy 5_Topical questions of modern pharmacy

Clinical ordinator


The Department of Pharmacy was established in the year 2002. Since that until February 2013 Associate Professor Vladimir Petrovich Bobruk, who did a lot for scientific and technical establishment of the Department, chaired it. Dr. Bobruk was involved into the formation and organization of the its educational process of the Department of Pharmacy and of the Pharmaceutical Faculty in general.

At present, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor Elena Krivoyuz, heads the Department of Pharmacy of VNMU.

A united team of qualified employees was created at the Department within a few years after its establishment. This team is able to solve successfully at the modern level various tasks on training the specialists-pharmacists.


One of the first teachers of the Department of Pharmacy were Assoc. Prof. Bolokhovska T. O., Assoc. Prof. Azarov O.S., Assoc.Prof. Yushchenko T.I.


There are 32 teachers work at the Department at present. One doctor of medical sciences (professor - Germaniuk TA,), one doctor of biological sciences (professor - Rodinkova VV), one doctor of pharmaceutical sciences (associate professor - Kryvoviaz O.V.,) are among them. There are also 18 Candidates of Sciences, namely Assoc. Prof. Bobruk V.P., Assoc. Prof. Kryklyva S.D., Assoc. Prof. Palamarchuk O.V., Assoc. Prof. Artemchuk M.A., Assoc. Prof. Sergeev S.V., Assoc. Prof. Koval V.M., Assoc. Prof. Tomashevskaya Yu.O., Assoc. Prof. Balytska O.P., Assoc. Prof. Tozyuk O.Y., Assoc. Prof. Bobrovskaya O.A., Assoc. Prof. Ivko T.I., Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Voronkina A.S., Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Grigoruk Yu.M., Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Kremenskaya L.V., Ph.D. Assoc. Prof. Semenenko O.M., Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Gutsol V.V., Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Balinskaya M.V., Assoc. Prof. Shcherba I.K.

Three Senior Teachers (Senior Assistant Gordiyevska N.A., Senior Assistant Blagun O.D., Senior Assistant Gaidai O.D.), six Professor Assistants (Assistant Kramar G.I., Assistant Polishchuk Yu.M., Assistant Balanchuk T.I., Assistant Bondar L.M., Assistant Kudrya V.V., Assistant Kovalska L.V.), two teachers in training (Tatsyuk A.I., Zlagoda V.S.) also work at the Department.


It is important to note, that the qualification of the Department of Pharmacy’ staff differs from the qualification of teachers of other departments. This is because of in addition to scientific and pedagogical experience many teachers have extensive experience of practical activity in the field of pharmacy. These are top-level pharmacists, managers and deputy pharmacy managers, which are doing there scientific and teaching career after the pharmaceutical one.


The main task of the Department is to provide the high-quality education to future specialists and to teach them to be able to organize both an excellent work of pharmacy establishments and their single units, to identify and implement their activities in various areas in order to provide a high level of pharmaceutical assistance to the population.


Specialized disciplines, which are given by the teachers of the Department of Pharmacy, are following:

For the 1st year students they are “Biology with the essentials of genetics”; an elective course "Cell Biology"; Introductory practice for pharmacy economy and management; elective course "Introduction to Pharmacy".

For the 2nd year students – “Pharmaceutical botany”; elective course "Cultivation of Medicinal Plants"; elective course "Modern Problems of Molecular Biology"; elective course “Applied Genetics”; elective course "Theoretical bases of drugs technology"; Practical training on Pharmaceutical Botany.

For the 3rd year students – Technology of drugs: Pharmacy compounding; “Pharmacology”;  “Perfume and cosmetics”; “Propedeutical practice on Pharmacy compounding”.

For the 4th year students – “Organization and Economics in Pharmacy”; “Technology of drugs: Industrial Technology”;  “Practical training on technology of drugs”; Proceeding practice on Pharmacy compounding, elective course “Training of a pharmaceutical representative”; “Medical and pharmaceutical commodities”;

For the 5th year students – “Technology of cosmetical products”;  “Pharmaceutical biotechnology”; “Industrial practice on organization and economy of pharmacy”; “Practical training on Industrial technology of drugs", "Quality systems in pharmaceutics")).


The organization of education and the material resources of the department meet the world standards. For instance, the Department is equipped with a computer system placed in a computer class (12 workplaces) with the possibility of free Internet access. Lectures and practical classes are conducted with the use of educational videos, multimedia projectors and other modern tutorials.


One of the main problems of the future specialist is the level of his professional training in the conditions of competitive labour market. This encourages teachers to seek intensive methods of learning, improving the control of students' knowledge.


Students gain knowledge at practical classes and seminars during their industrial practice in pharmacies and pharmaceutical enterprises in Vinnytsia region and other regions of Ukraine.


What is more, carrying out laboratory and practical classes, during the extra-curricular time, when the teaching and research work is carried out in different sections of the student's scientific group under the guidance of the teachers; students gain their own skills of scientific work. The results of such work are reported at the meetings of the student scientific group of the Department, and the best of them are put forward at student scientific conferences of the national Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya, and other Universities of Ukraine.


Hermaniuk Tamara Andriivna

Professor, Doctor of Medicine

Kryvoviaz Olena Viktorivna

The head of pharmacy department, Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Pharmacy)

Rodinkova Victoria Valeriivna

Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences

Fulbright Scholar. She teaches foreign students on Medical Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and Medical Botany in English.
November, 2019 – Reviewer of Applications submitted to Programs of Fulbright Fund in Ukraine
August, 2019 – Advanced Aerobiology Course in Payerne (Switzerland), devoted to Automatic Pollen Monitoring
Since February, 2019 – she is the editor-in-chief of the web portal “All about Allergy” ( devoted to the control and treatment of the allergy-related complains and diseases.
Since November 2018 – Responsible for the carrying out the European Scientific Program “AutoPollen” in Ukraine, namely at VNMU.
Since October 2018 she is a head of the Laboratory at VNMU of Allergenic Environmental Factors’ Investigation
In November, 2017 – May, 2018, she carried out research on Aerobiology within a Fulbright Scholarship at the Biology Science Department of the Tulsa University (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)
In August, 2017 – she was awarded a regional Prize “Leader of the Year” in a nomination “Leader of Science”
In April, 2017, she got her Professorship approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine
In July, 2016, she got into the Board of European Aerobiological Society (EAS) for the second cadence. The election had been organized during the EAS Symposium held in Lyon, France.
In July-October, 2016-2018, she was a Principal Counsel of a Clinical Trial carried out in 4 Ukrainian cities concerning pollen count.
In June 2015, she attended the EAACI Annual Congress in Barcelona, Spain and presented her original research there related to pollen counts as an invited speaker of IRINE Symposium. One from her four poster presentations won a Poster Prize in the “Pollen and pollination plus others (HDM, climate...) as risk factors for allergies” section.
On March 13, 2015 she successfully passed the defense of her Doctoral Thesis: “The development of system of forecasting and control of allergenic biological factors impacting the health of urban populations in Ukraine” done at VNMU.
In April, 2014 she was selected as an ASPEN-Ukraine Seminar’ Participant and graduated from the ASPEN Program mentioned.
In February, 2013 she studied environmental computer modeling using the System of Integrated Modelling of Athmospheric CoMposition (SILAM) at the SILAM Winter School held at Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki.
In summer, 2013 she successfully chaired the 11th European Course on Basic Aerobiology (11th ECBA) held at Vinnitsa National Pirogov Memorial Medical University in July, 4-10. 11th ECBA was held out of the Administrative Europe (EU) firstly for more than 20 years of the Course history.
In June 2013, she attended the EAACI Annual Congress in Milan, Italy and presented her original research there related to pollen counts as a chairperson and speaker of IRINE Symposium.
In 2012-2016 she was the scientific leader of the research work "Aerobiological monitoring as a basis for the development of pollen forecast for the prevention of seasonal allergy in population", state registration number: 0112U003477
Since 2012 she is a Board Member of European Aerobiological Society (EAS)
In 2012, she became a President of Ukrainian Association on Aerobiology. Organization involves members from 5 Ukrainian regions currently.
In June 2011, she attended the EAACI Annual Congress in Istanbul, Turkey and presented her original research there related to pollen counts using Burkard trap in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Her presentation won a Poster Prize in the “Air pollution exposure and related allergic diseases” section.
Since 2010, she has been a regular participant in the EAACI Annual Congress as a Speaker and/or Chair of the IRINE Symposium. In addition, she presented her own research findings at other Congress sessions (poster and oral). Since then, she has attended congresses in London (United Kingdom), Istanbul (Turkey), Milan (Italy), Helsinki (Finland), Barcelona (Spain), Vienna (Austria), Munich (Germany), Lisbon (Portugal).
In 2010-2018, she made presentations in the field of Aerobiology and co-chaired the poster and plenary sections at local European scientific conferences held in Vienna (Austria), Krakow (Poland), Berlin (Germany), Milan (Italy), Lyon (France), Parma (Italy), Bodrum (Turkey);
In 2010 Dr. Rodinkova was a Principal Counsel of a Clinical Trial involved pollen count carried out in 8 Ukrainian cities.
In June 2010, she attended the EAACI Annual Congress in London, UK and presented their results of pollen monitoring as a speaker for IRINE Symposium.
In July 2009 she was the first to participate as a coach in one and only Aerobiology course “Harmonization of Pollen Identification” held in Kiev, Ukraine as well as in Krasnodar, Russia.
Since of April, 2009 and currently she has worked with a Burkard trap provided by the German Pollen information Service and by Austrian Aerobiological group for VNMU Aerobiology Research Group for free.
In 2008 she graduated from short-term educational program devoted to airborne pollen identification held in Bordeaux University No 1(France), at the CREMEM under support of RNSA (French Aerobiology Association)
In June 2008, she attended the EAACI Annual Congress in Barcelona, Spain and presented her original research there related to pollen counts using gravimetric methods in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.
Finland, Turku, August, 2008 she participated the Fourth European Symposium on Aerobiology
Bordeaux, France, October, 2008 she participated a Complementary Pollen Training Course.
In December, 2005, She received her PhD Degree on Aerobiology. Her thesis was defended on May, 2005 and it’s devoted to the Aerobiology research in Vinnitsa, Ukraine using gravimetric sampling of pollen. It was the first defended Aerobiology-related thesis in Ukraine.
In 2004-2005 years, she was the director of the Vinnitsa regional News agency “RIA-inform” and then she became the first editor-in-chief of the first Vinnitsa regional daily newspaper "20 minutes".
In September 2005 as the editor-in-chief of the “20 minutes” she received a fellowship of the “Open World” program. She studied the working and development of the American press including its rules and perspectives in Washington (USA) and Cincinnati (Ohio, USA). During this time, she also attended the City Center of Air Quality in Cincinnati, Ohio and became familiar with principles of the pollen counting in USA using the Rotorod sampler.
Since 2000, she is a member of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) and since 2008 she is a member of EAS.
1996 - She graduated from the Vinnitsa Teachers Training University, Biology and Geography Science Department.
From September 1995 until July 1999, she was a journalist for the Vinnitsa regional weekly paper “Vinnitsa News”.
Since 2000 and currently she is the editor-in-chief of the newspaper of VNMU “Young Doctor”.
1998-2005 She studied Journalism in Ukraine including IREX project supported by USAID (1998), in Finland (1999), in USA (Open World Program, 2005) and in Poland (2005).
The entire reference list of Dr. Victoria Rodinkova includes more than 240 published scientific Manuscripts, Abstracts and Manuals for Students written in English, in Ukrainian and in Russian.
Some papers published in English are listed below.

Tomashevska Yulia Oleksandrivna

Assistant Professor, Candidate of pharmaceutical sciences

Tozyuk Olena Yuriivna

Associate Professor, Candidate of pharmaceutical sciences

Balynska Maryna Volodymyrivna

Associated Professor, PhD

Balitska Olesia Pavlivna

Assistant Professor, Phd in Pharmacy

Graduated from National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya in 2006. Specialty «Pharmacy». Works in the pharmacy department from 2010. Teaches the subjects «Organization and economy of pharmacy», «Introduction into the pharmacy», «Analysis of financial-economic activity of pharmaceutical enterprises», «Drugs technlogy in battle conditions and pharmacy organization support of individuals under emergencies» for students I-V courses. From 2016 - assistant professor of pharmacy department. Academic rank of associate professor was awarded in 2019.

Bobrovska Olena Anatoliivna

Assistant Professor, Phd in Biology

Voronkina Alona Sergiivna

Associate professor, PhD in pharmacy

Graduated from National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya in 2008. Specialty "Pharmacy". Worked as a pharmacist from 2007 till 2011. In 2011 graduated from Vinnytsia National Technical University, specialty "Management of organisations". From 2010 till 2018 worked as an assistant on Pharmacy department. From 2018 - Assistant professor (docent) of pharmacy department. In 2019 received Cambridge FCE B2 in English. The head of student scientific circle of the Pharmacy department. Received PhD degree in 2017, speciality 15.00.01 - тechnology of druds, organisation of pharmaceutics and court pharmacy

Hutsol Viktoriia Volodymyrivna

docent, PhD

Grygoruk Yulia Mycolaivna

Assistant professor, PhD in pharmacy

Graduated from National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya in 2007. Specialty «Clinical Pharmacy». Works in the pharmacy department from 2007. Teaches the subjects «Organization and economy of pharmacy», «Introduction into the pharmacy», «Analysis of financial-economic activity of pharmaceutical enterprises», «Drugs technlogy in battle conditions and pharmacy organization support of individuals under emergencies» for students I-V courses. From 2018 - assistant professor of pharmacy department.

Koval Vasyl Mykolaiovych

Assistant Professor, Candidate of pharmaceutical sciences

Kremenska Liliia Viktorivna

Assistant professor, Phd in Biology

Kryklyva Svitlana Dmytrivna

Associate Professor, PhD in Biology

Palamarchuk Olga Vsevolodivna

Associate Professor, PhD in Biology

Graduated from Dnipropetrovsk State University by speciality "Biology" in 1979. I have “Biology, Teacher of Biology and Chemistry” qualification (Diploma № 170716). Since 1987 I was Assistant of the Biology Department of Vinnitsa National Medical University. From 2004 I became the Senior Lecturer of Pharmacy Department and I’m Associate Professor of the Pharmacy Department at present.
I’m responsible for lectures and practical lessons Ukrainian and Russian for "Biology and Genetics Essentials" Discipline for the students of specialty "Pharmacy", and for "Medical Biology, Parasitology and Genetics" Discipline for students of "Clinical Pharmacy" speciality.
I’m the head of the “Biology” section of the Pharmaceutical students’ scientific society. I’m curator of academic groups, both domestic and foreign students of pharmaceutical faculty.

Semenenko Oksana Mykolaivna

docent, Phd

Shcherba Irina Karymivna

docent, Phd in Biology

Graduated from theNatural Sciences and Geography Department of Vinnitsa State Pedagogical Institute in 2006. The Thesis "Peculiarities of the linkage between anthropometric parameters of adolescents having different somatotypes with a data of rheoencephalography" on 14.03.01 specialty by “Normal Anatomy”. Currently, I am the Assistant professor of the Pharmacy Department. I’m responsible for the teaching students on “Biology and Genetics Essentials”, “Medical Biology, Parasitology and Genetics” and “Molecular
Biology” in Ukrainian and English.

Voitenko Tetiana Ivanivna

assistant, PhD in pharmacy

In 2005 graduated from the Vinnitsa National Medical University named after NI Pirogov and skills gained pharmacist. Since 2005 works as assistant of the department of pharmacy. Teaches following subjects: "Pharmacology", "Preparation of Pharmaceutical Representative", "Actual problems of prevention of smoking, alcoholism, substance abuse and addiction".

Kudria Viktoriia Viktorivna

assistant, PhD in pharmacy

Kramar Hanna Ivanivna

Assistant, PhD

Anna Yurchenko in 2010 graduated with honors from Vinnitsa National Medical University named after N.I. Pirogov. From 2010 to 2011 he worked as a senior laboratory assistant of Pharmacy Department, in 2011, moved to the position of assistant to the same department, where he works and the present. He teaches the subject "Pharmacy technology drugs" and "Technology drugs" for students III-V courses of pharmaceutical faculty full-time and part-time students in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Blagun Oksana Dmytrivna

Superior Teacher

In 1982 she graduated Zhytomyr Pharmaceutical College. In 1990 - Perm Pharmaceutical Institute. She gained practical experience in pharmacy № 6 in Vinnitsa in various positions. From 1990 to 2004 she worked as the head of the pharmacy № 12 in Vinnitsa. She is pharmacist of highest category. Since 2004 he has been working at the Department of Pharmacy of Vinnitsa Pirogov National Medical University.

Gaiday Olga Dorofiivna

Superior Teacher

In 1979 she graduated Zhytomyr Pharmaceutical College. She worked as a manager of pharmacy №100 of Pogrebyshchensky district, Vinnytsia region 1979-1982. In 1987 she graduated Lviv Medical Institute, Faculty of Pharmacy. After graduation she worked at pharmacy № 6 in Vinnitsa in various positions. Since 2006 she works at the Vinnitsa Pirogov National Medical University at the Pharmacy Department.

Gordzievska Neonila Andriivna

Superior Teacher

Bondar Lidija Matviivna


Graduated from Zaporizhzhia State Medical University in 1977. Specialty «Pharmacy». Worked in Vinnytsia regional pharmacy department as chief specialist of the sale department and analyst of the analytical laboratory. Was a pharmacy manager from 1985 to 2011.
Works in the pharmacy department from 2006. Teaches the subject «Medical and pharmaceutical science of commodities» for students IV-V courses.
for full-time and extramural students.

Kovalska Lilia Volodimirivna


Polishchuk Yuliia Mykolaivna


Tatsiuk Anastasiya Ihorivna


Zlahoda Viktoria Sergiivna


Graduated from National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya in 2009. Specialty «Pharmacy». From 2009 to 2018 worked at the State Service on medicines and drug control in Vinnytsia region. She has been working in the pharmacy department since 2018. Teaches the subjects «Organization and economy of pharmacy», «Introduction into the pharmacy», «Analysis of financial and economic activity of pharmaceutical enerprises», «Drugs technlogy in the field and pharmacy organization support of individuals under emergencies» for national and foreign students of specialty «Pharmacy» I-V courses of full-time and part-time forms of study.

Ivko Tetyana Ivanivna

_DEP_YEARS2011 - 2021

Associate Professor, PhD


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Acquaintance practice of the organization and economy of pharmacy

Analysis of financial-economic activity pharmacies

Biology and Genetics fundamentals

Еducational Field practical training for Medical Botany

Educational practice in technology of drugs

Homeopathic remedies technology

Industrial practice of organization and economy of pharmacy

Industrial Technology of Medicinal Preparations

Introduction into the pharmacy

Organization and economy of pharmacy

Pharmaceutical and medical commodity science

Pharmaceutical botany


Pharmacy compounding

Production practice on Pharmacy compounding

Practical training for Specializing (Drug Technology)

Production practice on Organization and Economy of Pharmacy

Propedeutical practice on pharmacy compounding

Small-series of Medicinal Preparations

Technology of Drugs: Pharmacy compounding

Technology of medicinal cosmetics

Work experiences of Industrial Technology of Medicinal Preparations


Elective courses

Applied Genetics

Cell Biology

Cultivation of medicinal plants

Drugs technology in battle conditions and pharmacy organization support of individuals under emergencies

Modern Problems in Molecular Biology

Perfume and cosmetics

Theoretic bases of pharmacy compounding

Training of a pharmaceutical representative