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On September 17, 1934, in accordance with the decree of the People’s Commissariat of Health Protection of Ukraine the reorganization of the former Vinnytsya Pharmaceutical Institute and Evening Production Institute resulted in the creation of Vinnytsya Medical Institute. Clinical departments, including the department of faculty therapy, were accordingly created.

The first head of the department was Professor Fishenzon, doctor of medical sciences. Besides the head, the department staff included two assistants and a laboratory assistant. From the moment of its foundation, the clinical laboratory has been functioning at the department and in 1936 the biochemical laboratory was started.

In 1939, after Prof. Fishenzon’s death, the department was headed by the doctor of medical sciences, Professor Izenberg. In the pre-war years, the department did not have a single scientific direction. 5 papers of Professor Fishenzon and two papers of Assistant Professor Shinkareva were published. After the liberation of Vinnytsya, from 1944 to 1950, the department of faculty therapy was headed by the candidate of medical sciences A. Azletsky.


In September of 1950, B. Shklyar became the head of the department of faculty therapy and he held this position till 1961. The prominent scientist, wonderful teacher and doctor, brilliant erudite, a Teacher from the capital letter, he became the founder of the Vinnytsya therapeutic school. He was awarded the Sign of Honor order and many other medals. B. Shklyar is the author of one of the best textbooks on propedeutics of internal diseases that has been republished four times.

Under the supervision of B. Shklyar, 2 doctoral and 11 candidate's dissertations were written. During eleven years of Professor Shklyar’s work at the department of faculty therapy 2 collections of scientific works and 2 monographs were published. Professor Shklyar was the author of 5 articles for the Large Medical Encyclopedia and 67 scientific articles. Eleven disciples of Professor Shklyar became heads of  departments. Among them are such professors as Oleynik S.F., Pilipenko V.A., Kamenetsky S.I., Mikunis R.J., Rubachuk I.A., Golovtsev Y.N., Andrenko P.T., Zelinsky B.O., Berezovsky B.A., Sheverda M.G., Serkova V.K.

After Professor Shklyar’s death, the department was headed by one of his first students, prof. R.J. Mikunis, who held this position up to August of 1988. R.J. Mikunis graduated from Vinnytsya Medical Institute in 1941. In 1953 and 1966, she defended respectively her candidate’s dissertation and her doctoral thesis.

From 1961 to 1989, under the guidance of Professor Mikunis 5 doctoral (Zelinsky B.O., Andrenko P.T., Sheverda M.G., Serkova V.K., Dubovoy O.H.) and 23 candidate's dissertations were defended. Edited by R.J. Mikunis, 7 training manuals and 5 monographs were published. The co-workers published more than 500 scientific works during this period. The problems of cardiovascular diseases such as essential hypertension, ischemic heart disease, heart failure, diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases were investigated at the department. In 1974, the department became the basis for the State Pharmacological Committee of the Soviet Union to conduct clinical trials with new medicinal preparations.

The staff of the department is being constantly renewed and extended. Before 1988, the department staff included 19 teachers and 3 laboratory assistants.

From 1988, Professor Serkova headed the department of faculty therapy. She was the head of the department till July of 2006. Having graduated from Vinnytsya Medical Institute in 1955, she attended a post-graduate course at the department of faculty therapy. From 1956 to 1977 and from 1977 to 1988, she worked respectively as an assistant and assistant professor at the department. In 1960, under the guidance of Professor Shklyar she defended her candidate’s dissertation. In 1986, Ms. Serkova defended her doctoral thesis. In 1988, she received the degree of a professor. In 2003, she obtained the title of the honored worker of science and technique of Ukraine. Repeatedly, she was awarded various diplomas of the Ministry of Health Protection of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, signs of Outstanding Health Care Worker and Outstanding Worker of Education of Ukraine. In 1981, she was awarded a medal For Labour Valor. Professor Serkova is the author of more than 280 publications, including those in foreign editions, and furthermore she is the co-author of 10 monographs.

Scientific researches of this period were devoted to the pathology of the cardiovascular system and rheumatic diseases.

Under the guidance of Professor Serkova 2 doctoral dissertations, devoted to important problems of cardiology and rheumatology, were defended. Among them are the doctoral theses by the candidate of medical sciences V. Zhebel called The Age Features of Oxidative and Anti-Oxydative Systems and Their Changes in Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease and Essential Hypertension: the Ways of Their Correction (1995) and the candidate of medical sciences M. Stanislavchuk whose piece of research was called Optimization of Treatment of Patіents wіth Rheumatoіd Arthrіtіs by Non-Steroid Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Analgetіcs: Pharmacokіnetіcal and Pharmacodynamіcal  Approaches (1997). From 1989 to October 2006, 31 candidate's dissertations were defended, including 21 dissertations written under the guidance of Professor Serkova and 10 under the guidance of Professor Stanislavchuk respectively. Currently, 9 candidate's dissertations are being written at the department. Besides, 19 masters postgraduates from Vinnytsya Medical University and 2 masters postgraduates from higher schools of India were prepared. Since 1989, 27 people have taken a post-graduate course at the department. All of them, including 3 international students, defended their candidate's dissertations. 58 clinical interns completed their clinical studies in this period, 29 of those were international students. From 1988 to 2006, the members of the department staff published more than 600 scientific works, 9 patents, and 34 rationalization proposals.

Since 1975, the department has published educational monographs on various branches of therapy. The third complete edition of monographs on cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology, and pulmonology was published in 2004. A similar edition on rheumatology was published in 2005.

In 2005, the members of the department staff published the textbook Faculty Therapy. In addition, the training aid Rheumatic Diseases is being prepared for publication. The training aid on uninfectious tropical diseases was published specifically for international students. Also, instructions in laboratory methods of the investigation of the pathology of internal organs for general practitioners and students were published.

Since 2001, the department has been the basis for the Pharmacological Committee of Ukraine for the conduction of tests with new medicinal preparations. The department takes part in carrying out of international randomized controlled clinical trials. The department co-operates with other scientific establishments like the Institute of Cardiology named after acad. M.D.Strazhesko, Ukrainian Research Institute of Rehabilitation of Invalids, and other departments of the university.

 In 2003, the department initiated the Ukrainian conference on internal medicine which involved international participants.

Since July of 2006, the department has been headed by Professor Stanislavchuk who graduated from Vinnytsya Medical Institute in 1981. He dealt with clinical studies at the department of faculty therapy (1987), worked as an intern and head doctor of the therapeutic department at the Khmelnitsky district hospital. In 1991 and 1997, Mykola Stanislavchuk defended respectively his candidate’s and doctoral dissertations. Under the guidance of Professor Stanislavchuk 10 candidate's dissertations were defended.

Now, the staff of the department counts 19 people: two professors, 10 assistant professors, 7 assistants, 5 senior and one laboratory assistant, 2 junior laboratory assistants. Besides, 7 postgraduate students, 13 clinical interns, and 1 master postgraduate (taught in English) study at the department. 

Stanislavchuk Mykola professor,d.m.s.

Serkova Valentine Kostyantynivnaprofessor,d.m.s.

Kuzminov Natalia Vitalyevnaprofessor,d.m.s.

Osovska Natalia Yuryevnaprofessor,d.m.s.

Savitskaya Elena Aleksandrovnadocent,c.m.s.

Demydyuk Basil Tymofiy̆ovychdocent,c.m.s.

Parkhonyuk Valery Petrovichdocent,c.m.s.

Monastyrskiy Yuriy Igorevichdocent,c.m.s.

Makarova Ludmila Pavlovnadocent,c.m.s.

Pshelutsky Frants Frantsevichdocent,c.m.s.

Nechiporuk Olga Viktorovnadocent,c.m.s.

Temnaya Elena Vasilyevnadocent,c.m.s.

Burdeyna Ludmila Valentinovnadocent,c.m.s.

Berko Galina Kuzminichnadocent,c.m.s.

Ostapchuk Elena Ivanovnadocent,c.m.s.

Movchan Galina Oleksiïvnaassistant,c.m.s.

Bereziuk Olga Michalovnaassistant,c.m.s.

Dzekan Olga Vasilyevnaassistant,c.m.s.

Gunko Irene Petrovnadocent,c.m.s.

Khomenko Victoria Nikolayevnaassistant,c.m.s.

Andrushko Inna Ivanovnaprofessor,d.m.s.

Shvets Lіlіya Vladimirovnaassistant,c.m.s.

Velickovic Marina Mikhaylovnaassistant,c.m.s.

Perebetyuk Larissa Stepanovnaassistant,

Poberezhets Oksana Leonidovnaassistant,c.m.s.

Kulchytska Olena assistant,c.m.s.

Shkarivskyy Yuriy assistant,

Novoseletsky Valeriy Oleksandrovychassistant,

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